Kāpēc "Sauja Dimantu"?

Why "Handful of Diamonds"?

In August 2021, I wondered and realized that I should open my own company, which distributes gold-plated jewelry that I love so much. I thought about the name, and since I got married a few weeks ago and got a new surname "Sauja", I realized that it should be included in the name, and so on September 22, 2021, the company SIA Sauja Dimantu was registered💎

What are these wheels associated with? With glitter! What shines? Crystals, diamonds, brilliants... With the help of my husband, we came up with the name "Sauja Dimantu" in a few minutes, while after a few hours, a logo was created, which, in my opinion, perfectly describes what we do!

Even for each of you - a full Handful of Diamonds :)
Ruth Sauja