I got my ears pierced about 8 years ago.

Yes, for myself. Yes, that late.

I lived without it for a long time, but then I realized that I still want to decorate my face with something beautiful, everyday, matching the clothes, or grand and shiny for the evening. But…

As for a young woman, finances prevented her from buying many new gold earrings. I discovered ebay and ordered a whole bunch of earrings - small, big, heavy, light, white, black, gold, silver, plastic, with crystals, without crystals and I could go on and on.


Only then did I discover that I am allergic to this type of jewellery.

I was very upset because, first of all, where should I put the box with earrings now? And secondly - what should I put in my ears now?

A friend opened a wide world of gold-plated earrings to me in one of the shops in London. I ordered and ordered again, couldn't choose, I already ordered a lot of these beautiful, luxurious, sparkling and high quality earrings.

I was happy after I realized that finally I am no longer allergic to earrings - none of the earrings cut into my ears, did not cause inflamed and painful ears. But here again the next thought - I have ordered SO much, where should I put it all? My girlfriends saw the beautiful earrings and literally took the earrings out of my ears and gave me money for them.

And the feedback from them, and even from their little girls, was incredibly good, because they were genuinely happy that the earrings I bought did not cause allergies, and that they were very comfortable, did not lose their shine and did not "stay black". So, these 10 years - trying, testing, first of all, on myself, because my ears are still allergic, carefully choosing earrings again and again - I understand that I want to help other ladies who have this problem - allergic ears! Over time, I expanded the range with rings, bracelets, jewelry sets, chains and other jewelry of this type. The good must be shared, and at such a friendly price!

In August 2021, I, Ruta, wondered and realized that I want to offer the high-quality, gold-plated and anti-allergic jewelry that I love so much to a wider audience, so I have to open my own company. I was thinking about a name, and since I got married a few weeks ago and got a new last name "Sauja", I realized that it should be included in the name.

I think, what do I associate these little wheels with? With glitter! What shines? Crystals, diamonds, brilliants... With my husband's approval, I came up with the name "Sauja Dimantu" in a few minutes, while after a few hours, the logo was created, which, in my opinion, perfectly describes what we do! And so on September 22, 2021, the company SIA Sauja Dimantu💎 was registered

This is for each of you - a Handful of Diamonds :)

Rūta Sauja