Kas ir apzeltītas rotas un kā tās kopt?

What is gold-plated jewelry and how to care for it?

Gold-plated jewelry is metal jewelry that has a layer of another metal on top, in this case liquid gold, killing allergy-causing microorganisms. Because the layer of gold plating is very thin, gold-plated jewelry is much more affordable than jewelry made from real gold. An additional protective layer is also applied to the gold coating so that the jewelry is optimally protected against scratches and damage. That is why they retain their shine, do not scratch, do not remain 'black', do not cause an allergic reaction, and cubic zirconia, the stone most often used in gold-plated jewelry, retains its shine for a long time.

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How to keep gold plated jewelry beautiful?

How long your gold-plated jewelry will remain beautiful depends on various factors. For example, the thickness of the gold coating or external influences such as rain. It is important that you take good care of your jewelry and handle it carefully. Be sure to store your jewelry neatly and keep it in a closed, dark place, such as a jewelry box or purse. You can also use the beautiful velvet jewelry bag that you will receive when you order jewelry from us. Below we share some tips to make your jewelry beautiful. Remove jewelry:

✔️ when showering, swimming or washing hands.
✔️ gold plating is sensitive to water and chlorine - if you come into contact with chemical products, remove the jewelry and do not put it back until your hands are dry
✔️ spraying perfume or hairspray;
✔️ if lotion or body cream is applied;

✔️ during exercise. Sweat negatively affects the gold coating and its color;
✔️ while sleeping. If you are a long sleeper, be sure to remove your earrings, because the earlobe can stretch while sleeping, you won't even feel it.


As we take care of our skin, hair, nails, we recommend taking care of jewelry as well. Why? To make them last longer.
High-quality gold plating guarantees a long life for jewelry, but it is also important to properly care for it, that's why Handful of Diamonds recommend jewelry:

✔️Store the velvet ornament in a bag;
❌Try not to overdo it with perfumes;
🤔If you have to remove your jewelry at some point and there is no place to store it, be sure not to put it in a money or cosmetic case - the jewelry will get scratched quickly. It is better to wrap them in a napkin or put them in an empty bag pocket.👜👈


Remember very simple everyday tricks to make your jewelry last longer:

✔️store them in a dry, dark place (cloth jewelry bag, jewelry box, etc.;
✔️keep them as far as possible from water or moisture;
✔️remove them before going to bed, showering, swimming, or physical activities;;
✔️ after removal, clean them with a cloth or a dry tissue;
✔️ try to avoid jewelry coming into contact with perfumes, body lotions, household chemicals, etc.
👑 If you treat your jewelry like princesses, they will shine and delight your and others' eyes for a long time!